Foundation Starts

Develop an Organization


 …to fundraise for your school’s future.

Our Fundability approach has a proven

track record that will ease our clients’

ongoing funding challenges with a myriad

of alternative revenue options.

Each one is a custom made winner.  And best

of all, the School Board maintains

 final control over both the

advertising and allowed approval of

any namesake submitted for Naming Rights.



–  Foundation Start-Ups –
Develop an organization to fundraise for your school’s future


– Strategic Planning –
Supercharge your current board with new and exciting goals, clarified mission and fresh vision


–  Performance Assessments –
Quickly measure your foundation or boards performance


–  Alumni Fundraising –
Learn to locate and court new Alumni participation

–  Capital Campaigns –
Raise the funds needed to support a large project


–  Grant Writing –
Written requests to private, public, and corporate foundations


–  Websites and Credit Card Processing –
Professional advisory assistance available

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