About Us

Funding Solutions that Really Work!


Exploring new sources of unrestricted funding, or as we

like to call it, Fundability.  It’s a new word for a new age.

Really. It means your ability to get the additional funds

you need to stay ahead of the ever demanding operational

challenges of your district. Superintendents and school

boards across the country are broadening their approach

to new kinds of alternative funding like never before.

And it’s perfect for your district and school, too.


At ASA, we specialize in revenue and funding

solutions for public school districts and tax supported

organizations. Since 2003, we’ve raised cash and

pledges of over $100 million in private funding for public

entities with Advertising and Naming Rights, memorials

and honorariums. We are results driven. It’s an unbridled

passion for excellence. And we do it year in, and year out,

for clients just like you.

Right here. Right now.


Solutions for the Next Generation


Our FundAbility approach will ease funding challenges with alternative revenue options. Each one a custom-made winner!




Learn to locate and court new Alumni participation by developing an Association.







The right to name specific buildings can be either Relevant or Corporate.

Relevant is recommended where research indicates a facility be

named after a previous school luminary.

Corporate is recommended when a large corporation is a good candidate.



Develop an organization to fundraise for your school’s future.







Signage on, and/or in school venues (football stadiums/gyms etc.) delivers

the advertiser’s message in an efficient and cost effective manner.

This is unrestricted revenue and is given to schools assisting

significantly in the overall available funding for any school program.







Quickly measure your foundation or boards performance.

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